A little about me

“My joy is in being of service and making life easier for you. I have been blessed with amazing clients over the years and am eternally grateful for their loyalty and friendships. For those I have yet to meet, my door and heart are open and I look forward to meeting you.”

In gratitude always,
Michelle Bellerose

Hi!  So glad you’re here.

I’m an esthetician that specializes in affordable and effective skin treatments.  

I have enjoyed twenty years of serving and guiding beautiful women on the best way to age gracefully. Well, maybe with a little bit of kicking and screaming.  I have owned, operated and sold two successful salon and spas. This has given me the opportunity to cross paths with thousands of women. I’ve seen what works, what is possible and what is not.   

I licensed with the Cosmotology Association of Canada in 2000. I am certified in Cosmetic Permanent Makeup with BioTouch Canada.  In the summer of 2015 I completed training in theory and practical for microneedling with Dr. Lance Setterfield. Since that time I’ve completed several hundred microneedling treatments with successful outcomes for clients with various skin issues. It has become the treatment of choice and it is what I specialize in.  I’m also known for my  brows and for quick and “almost painless” brazilians.

Through the years,  my clients, daughters and friends have taught me how complex and unique we all are.  I know that one size does not fit all and we are all so very different. I only perform services that I feel will be safe, effective and leave YOU happy and healthy.  Skin is mainly an inside job and I’m here to guide you in healing the skin conditions that concern you while working on the outside to heal, hydrate and rejuvenate the face you put forward in the world.  

I keep things casual but always professional.  You can ask me anything.  If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find it and we’ll learn together.  It’s information overload when it comes to skin care and I’ll do my best to wade through it with you.  No sit down consult pointing out all your flaws and no pressure. We’ll have a heart felt conversation with lots of kindness and laughter at the injustice of aging in this crazy world we live in.  Consults are always complimentary and if I can’t help you, I will guide you to who can.



I provide mobile Microneedling services in the comfort of your home.  Serving Victoria and the Greater Vancouver Area.

Host 3 or more of your friends and your treatment is complimentary.  Available in Vancouver and Victoria on selected evenings and weekends.

Call 604.219.9121 to book appointment.

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